Sales Team...

Apps for both Android and IOS; with access to your contacts, properties and filing cabinet. The app provides check-in ability at the open home and also works offline!


Integration with Office365 - pull down emails and permanently store within your CRM


Integration with Corelogic; Generate CMAs and fetch AVMs whilst on the road.


Use the inbuilt Designly module to generate EDMs or optionally use an integrated product such as Mailchimp or ActivePipe


Establish triggers to nominated events. For example, every new appraisal could automatically assign an action list.

Unlimited Storage

Unlimited storage on every contact and property. Store copies of contracts, CMAs, Information Memorandums, etc

Multiple Dashboards

Provision as many dashboards you require - one for each branch/office ; or simply specific dashboards for your property management and sales department

Branch Offices

Any number of branches (with common ownership) may reside in a single VaultEA account. This is the ideal way to share listings amongst your wider team

Photo Processing

Comprehensive photo touch up; Inbuilt watermarking, Photo Scaling and Photographer Login

Trust Accounting

Unlimited Sales Trust and Rental Trust accounts may be provisioned

Third Party Login

VaultEA offers Solicitor Login, Photographer Login, Tenant/Landlord/Vendor Login

Report Writer

Create your own reports using your own data

And for those technical...
Open API

Our API is free of charge to use and open to third parties and offers webhook functionality.

Responsive Framework

A fully responsive (bootstrap) framework means VaultEA can be viewed on any mobile device

Under the Hood

VaultEA has been built from a clean slate using the latest technology stack provided by Amazon AWS. All services are deployed using stateless architecture ; and scale dynamically according to load. The API and other key components operate on a serverless architecture to ensure optimal response times.

Portal Feeding

VaultEA sends to portals every 60 seconds. Similarly VaultEA receives portal enquiries (where supported) and retrieves portal stats for the generation of Owner/Vendor reports